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The world is no longer changing, it is being Disrupted. Until recently, exponential technology has been reserved for the largest companies, squeezing out the competition and stifling innovation in smaller markets. Moving forward there will be no such thing as a Tech company. EVERY COMPANY WILL BE A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. Founded in 2015 and located in York Pennsylvania, York Exponential is bringing those tools and tactics to your business, locally. With a diverse, multi regional team and using bleeding edge technologies, York Exponential harnesses the power of IoT (Internet of Things), Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Analytics as well as Cyber Security to help your company thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Reach out today to speak with one of our team members.

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What We Do

Learn more about how York Exponential can help you leverage emerging technology, shift mindset and accelerate growth in your business.

York Exponentials 15 Point Disruption Preparedness Plan

Pulling inspiration from the original York Plan, York Ex believes the principles within the original plan came from an understanding of Inevitable Disruption and can be used to prepare our companies and communities moving forward.

  1. Create an organizational Baseline of understanding Disruption
  2. Accept this is Happening
  3. Accept Disruptive Technology as Inevitable
  4. Be Proactive VS Reactive
  5. Embrace Disruptors and Empower all Generations
  6. Exponential Technology is worthless without an Exponential Mindset
  7. Priority of Mindset over Skill Sets
  8. Train for jobs that are not here yet
  9. Don’t Rely on older tactics to prevent change
  10. Don’t Waste energy on solving obsolete or near obsolete problems
  11. Be willing to discard obsolete or near obsolete technology and thinking, regardless of the amount of social or financial capital spent to date.
  12. Collaborate with competitors and potential partners, big and small
  13. Communicate clearly the path forward to all stakeholders from the top down and the bottom up
  14. Create a “Zoom out, Zoom in” strategic planning mindset
  15. Focus on Scaling the Edges

Disruption is everywhere and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Let York Exponential’s team bring your company up to speed through our personalized consulting, company focused work shops and seminars as well as strategic and accelerated growth planning.


Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, York Exponential automates and integrates custom solutions to increase bandwidth in your sales team and offers a personalized touch to your customers.


At York Exponential we build custom and integrated applications that incorporate the latest in emerging tech. Worried about the security of your data? We are too and can help keep your information from prying eyes.


Get ahead of the curve by getting yourself and your employees ready to take on the future through innovative and accelerated training programs.

Embracing Disruption

There is an incredible shift happening in our world today. Every industry is struggling to find a solid footing, the world is indeed being disrupted. Our mission at York Exponential is to prepare companies just like yours for this uncertain future. But it’s not only our mission, it’s our passion. We’ve had the chance to bring this message to communities, companies and CEO’s all across the nation. Through Consulting, Workshops and Speaking Engagements, let York Exponential help your company Prepare, Grow and Disrupt. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what others are saying about our message of “Embracing Disruption” as delivered by our CEO, John McElligott.

“I’ve had the pleasure to hear John speak at two recent conferences, in 2015 & 2016. He was equally engaging at both, very energetic and quite able to capture the audience’s attention. When you see the audience gaze at the speaker and not their cell phone, you’ve got a hit! John was dynamic, interesting, and thought provoking. He was on point with the audience and they could see the relevance in his presentation. I would absolutely recommend him for any number of speaking engagements.”

Carol Karls - Business & Community Development at Wisconsin Public Service

Carol Karls Manager - Business & Community Development at Wisconsin Public Service

"Not a cough could be heard in the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey conference room as manufacturing leaders from across the region gazed at projected images of a small drone hovering in the air with an attached handgun firing off shots. Forget all those old motivational poster platitudes about change and how it drives businesses to evolve and expand. John McElligott wants you to think about disruption. McElligott's concept of disruption is a force for good — for those prepared to embrace it. His points weren't lost on me. As a business journalist, scoping trends is my bread and butter. This is the challenge of our times.”

Roger DuPuis - Central Pennsylvania Business Journal

Roger DuPuis Central Pennsylvania Business Journal

"John and I shared the podium at the Utility Economic Development Associates Fall Conference last year. The skill with which he presented the need to "embrace disruption" in his remarks held the audience's attention and resulted in several follow on questions. More importantly, his remarks were still being discussed by the group at their spring conference held six months later. Johns ability to predict and communicate the disruptive changes that are coming and that now are upon us demonstrates the value of his insights. John is a personable articulate communicator of the future...a true time traveler."

Dean F. Whittaker - Founder & President Whittaker & Associates

Dean F. Whittaker Founder & President Whittaker & Associates

“John is a dynamic speaker who provided a thought provoking peek in to the future using trends and concepts that are on the cutting edge of becoming everyday reality. If your organization or region is going through change or you are starting a strategic planning process, John’s talks will open your mind to thinking differently to help steer you away from a typical outcome.”

Ed Sitar - Manager of Economic and Business Development at ComEd

Ed Sitar Manager of Economic and Business Development at ComEd

This is a story every community needs to hear. John clearly explains disruptive change and how it's about to change business, the workforce and your community. It's a bit frightening to hear John talk about all the change that's coming, but also exciting to think about how our communities can embrace change and benefit from it. From requesting a ride-share online to riding in a car driven by a computer., change is here and more is coming. If you are a leader in business or economic and community development, you need to hear John's message and consider what it means for your company and your community.

Scott Drzycimski - Sr. Manager - Economic Development and Community Relations Alliant Energy

Scott Drzycimski Sr. Manager - Economic Development and Community Relations Alliant Energy

John’s thought provoking content about the pace of change, artificial intelligence and the need to embrace disruption wowed me at a Pennsylvania Economic Development Association conference and made me proud to introduce him at a national Utility Economic Development Association forum where he took the house down. He is young, energetic, well prepared and personable, super-intelligent and engaging, and on the cutting edge of innovation, a five-star addition to any line up! Highly recommended.

Maureen Sharkey - Senior Economic Development Specialist, at PECO

Maureen Sharkey Senior Economic Development Specialist, at PECO

I recently was fortunate to hear John speak about the topic of “disruption” (with regards to technology) and how it is going to be affecting us in our lives. His passion on the topic was evident and his knowledge just as impressive. I also spent time with John 1:1 but if you get the chance, I recommend you attend a session or if you are fortunate enough, pick his brain 1:1.

Sam Statz - Vice President of Construction at Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc.

Sam Statz Vice President of Construction at Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc.

"Great information, I appreciate getting an understanding of the technology that exists and speed at which it is progressing. Very engaging speaker!"
Cynthia Stoltzfus
Abel Executives

"Fantastic presentation. His information was fascinating and exciting to see the possibilities of the future and to consider exponential growth."
Andy Weaver
Keystone Koating Inc

"Excellent, very thought provoking"
John Klecker
UTZ Quality Foods

"Outstanding presentation!"
Tom Moul
Stambaugh Ness

"This was incredible."
Seth Bray
Penn-Air & Hydraulics

"Fascinating & thought provoking"
Brad Kreidler

Bob Rhein
Penn-Air & Hydraulics Corp

"Inspiring and Spot On. Great Speaker."
Tom Baughman
New Concept Technology

"I thoroughly enjoyed John McElligott's presentation. Thought provocative and insightful. Sharing The York Plan was excellent!"
Rick Hogentogler
Stambaugh Ness

Susan Tandle
The Warrell Corporation

"Excellent. Highest marks."
Michael Moyer
CH Reed Inc.

Embracing Disruption

Everyday there are more and more remarkable discoveries, inventions and technologies being developed. It can seem overwhelming trying to plan for every possible scenario; trying to decipher the impact each new innovation will have on our businesses, communities and our joint future. Industries that have seemed steady and unchanged are being rocked to their core.
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TechHire York

Last March, the White House announced $100 million in grants to support the TechHire Initiative. The DOL plans to award the $100 million for 30 to 40 communities to pilot and scale innovative partnerships between employers, labor organizations, education and training providers, local and state governments, the workforce system, non-profits and faith-based organizations.
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The Fortress of York

``Do what you can with what you have.`` This was the mantra during WWII when Pennsylvania led the way with what was originally called The York Plan. The principles of crowd-sourcing, sharing, accelerated education, and more are making a resurgence in York, PA with The Fortress.
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