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Robot As A Service (RaaS)

Robots As A Service

Finding strong, qualified candidates is difficult in the current low-unemployment climate. It’s even more difficult because there¬† aren’t enough people interested in doing manufacturing work. Although manufacturers across the country are facing this reality, we have a solution. Augment your workforce with Robots as a Service .

Rent CoBots (Collaborative Robots), use them like a temporary worker.

Do you have a need for CoBots but perhaps don’t have the budget? We will work with you to create a robotic rental solution. You can benefit from CoBots to augment your current workforce for those heavy work cycles, and scale back when they are less.

Robots As A Service combines the best of new technology with the financial efficiency needed to keep your budget manageable.

Rent a robot, build greater efficiency, win more contracts, and hire more people. Augment your workforce with Robots as a Service today.

Collaborative Robot Stats & Charts

Collaborative Robots, and their use in the manufacturing industry, is growing each and every year.

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Cyclical Needs
Reduces Entry Barrier
Variable Expense

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