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Struggling to fill positions in your company or have experienced unreliable temporary workers? Let York Exponential make your current workforce more efficient with the addition of Industrial Robots & Collaborative Robot Systems. Whether you need to fill seasonal demands, or eliminate repetitive or dangerous tasks, robots are your solution. Utilize your employees on higher-value add tasks. Don’t just automate… augment your workforce.

A New Robot Partnership

We at York Exponential are excited to announce we have partnered with Yaskawa Robotics. Traditionally known for their industrial welding robots, Yaskawa also offers an extensive product-line of industrial, high-speed and collaborative robots. They have robots designed and assembled in Miamisburg, Ohio, bolstering American robotics and manufacturing for decades.

Services We Offer

At YorkEx, we offer innovative solutions for your business: Collaborative Robot (CoBot) Systems Intigration, and our Robot As A Service (RAAS) rental model.

Industrial Robot Systems where it isn’t practical or necessary to have humans interfacing directly in the cell.

CoBot Systems Intigration enable the streamlining of processes and enable your workforce to focus higher level tasks within your operation. Utilize CoBots for tasks that are repetitive and potentially dangerous for the safety of your workforce and efficiency to process.

Robot As A Service (RAAS) allows companies that cannot afford to purchase CoBots (collaborative robots) or that may only have contract-based work the ability to hire our robots the same way they would hire temp workers.


York Exponential showed me they knew how to define and solve a challenge very quickly.  We had a customer that wanted to see how we could automate our process, and we only had 10 days before the opportunity to demonstrate.  The York Exponential team listened to our challenge and outlined the needed components and the right robot on the very first day. We had a unit working within the week, and on the morning of our demo, they put on the finishing touches.  It performed flawlessly and we got the contract. We have continued to work with York Exponential to develop new automation solutions in a laboratory setting. We will produce a more consistent and repeatable analysis process that will improve results for our customers, cut the time to analyze by 50% and increase manpower by 80%. This frees up our technicians to perform more advanced and higher-margin work. The use of robotics in process automation will allow us to lower basic costs, and make us more competitive. As demand increases, we will expand the hiring of higher-wage jobs and grow our business.

Rich Wurzbach | MRG Labs
Rich Wurzbach | MRG Labs

I recently was fortunate to hear John speak about the topic of “disruption” in technology and it was evident his passion and knowledge are cutting edge.

Sam Statz
Sam Statz

He is young, energetic, well prepared and personable, super-intelligent and engaging, and on the cutting edge of innovation, a five-star addition to any line up! Highly recommended.

Maureen Sharkey
Maureen Sharkey
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Education of the Future

With the proliferation of robotics, the need for a workforce to install, program, maintain and repair robots has become more apparent. York Exponential is taking action with the inception of The Fortress Academy, the world’s first higher learning institution focused on creating the first generation of robot mechanics. 

Our students are taught the fundamentals of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence along with traditional manufacturing skills, such as welding and PLC, to create the first generation of Robot Mechanics.

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