Robotic Capabilities

Consistency, Accuracy & Efficiency

Many tasks in a manufacturing process are repetitive, yet require a high level of precision. Collaborative Robotic Systems will consistently perform precise tasks accurately, improving efficiency throughout your process. York Exponential is focused on ushering the US into the fourth industrial revolution through Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. View our Robotic Capabilities to see what we have done and how we can help you optimize your business.

Collaborative Robotic Welding

Welding with a collaborative robot is perfect for the small to medium manufacturer or fabricator. We can program your robot to weld multiple parts of a larger project and the welds are flawless.

Custom Collaborative Robotic Solution

There are many tasks that have been traditionally done by hand that are dirty, dull, and dangerous. That doesn’t have to be the case. You can spare your workforce that risk with a custom collaborative robotic solution.

Vision System + Robot Integration

Incorporating a vision system consisting of traditional cameras, 3D cameras and even infrared cameras, with robotics is a powerful combination. Pick, place and even sort your products. Incorporate artificial intelligence and the applications are endless.

Robotic Press Tending

Press tending is the ideal task for collaborative robots. Move parts into presses, drill presses, CNC machines and more, with exact placement every time. Then stack parts in an organized way. 

Collaborative Robotic Palletizing

Placing magazines and boxes on a pallet is time consuming and repetitive. You can save your workforces’ backs while utilizing them for them for higher level tasks by using collaborative robots.

Robot Assisted Lab Testing

With so many important tasks in a lab setting. Why consume your lab techs’ and scientists’ time with repetitive tasks? Rather empower them with the assistance of robotics. Allow them to concentrate on the bigger picture by alleviating the mundane.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of robotics is the incorporation of AI. The applications are limitless. From identifying faults in a product to finding a ripe apple to pick during harvest, artificial intelligence is revolutionary tool to utilize in your processes.

Collaborative Robot Sanding & Grinding

When consistency is the priority, using a collaborative robot will is a good choice. Using robots in grinding and sanding allows you and your team to concentrate on higher level tasks while the mundane is taken care of by a robot.

Custom End of Arm Tool Design

There are many end of arm tools on the market. From Grippers to vacuum set ups, there are many from which to choose, but sometimes you just can’t find the right solution. This is where York Exponential can help. Our staff of skilled engineers will design the perfect end of arm tool to meet you specific needs.

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