Super Babies and What it Means for Our Kids
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Super Babies and What it Means for Our Kids

So, I had the honor of teaching a workshop at Central Iowa Community College this week and had I got a lot of great questions during our Q&A. We covered everything from AI, to Fake news, Robotics to CRISPR and real-time gene editing. One question that came up (and is VERY timely I might add) was this one –

“In an age when people can use tools like CRISPR to edit genes for the price of flushing the toilet, will we start seeing people editing their babies before their born to be super athletes, super smart, super-everything and if so, how will our kids compete?”

The short answer is, most certainly yes. With one caveat, I don’t think the US will hop on that bandwagon for a while. The fact that we’re having this discussion means that we have an ethical dilemma to face. We in the West value individualism, the right to personal freedom, we encourage everyone to “be yourself”, worry about the social ramifications of such meddling. Other countries? Not so much…

So, yes, your kids (or grandkids) will most likely be competing on a global scale with super humans. Sound crazy? Well, it’s not. We’re already using these tools to cure disease, it’s only a matter of time before some folks take this to the next level.

The next part of the question was ”How will our kids compete?”. That’s also a great question and also an incredibly timely one. And I think it deserves its own post!

Well, I’m off to SXSW this week to hang out with some folks working on robotics, AI and Tech and if you happen to be there come see me present as I sit on a panel about Building Inclusive Ecosystems. The world is changing at an exponential rate, and Disruption doesn’t care who’s in the White House. At a time when our country is as divided as we are, we better all get on the same page and quick.

That’s it for now but until next time –

Embrace Change,

Embrace Challenge,

But more than anything, Embrace Disruption

Until next time,


P.S. If you’re interested in having me come out to meet with your team, speak at an event or teach a workshop, shoot us a message and we can set up a time to chat. The world is changing fast but the opportunities are endless if you’re ready to Embrace Disruption!

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