A New Robotic Partnership with Yaskawa
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A New Robotic Partnership with Yaskawa

We at York Exponential are excited to announce we have partnered with Yaskawa Robotics. Traditionally known for their industrial welding robots, Yaskawa also offers an extensive product-line of industrial, high-speed and collaborative robots. They have robots designed and assembled in Miamisburg , Ohio, bolstering American robotics and manufacturing for decades.

Yaskawa Industrial & Collaborative Robotics

With a deep history in robotic welding, Yaskawa has been an industry standard for over 3 decades. Through that time they have broadened their scope from a concentration on welding robotic cells, to other robotic solutions such as palletizing, routing and trimming, press tending and more. With this growth came the production of collaborative robots. Robots designed to work with humans. This opened the door for many new robotic applications by using a robot as an assistant to do the mundane tasks and allowing the person working with the robot to perform the high level tasks within a close proximity of each other. 

Working Safely

With the adoption of ANSI/RIA R15.06 2012 safety standards, Yaskawa is breaking down the barriers between humans and collaborative robots working together within the same space. What this means is that the robot will perform at full speed until a person enters into its area. A laser safety scanner is used to identify areas within the cell, letting the robot know when someone is within its working area and decreases movement of the robot to a safe speed for collaboration. 

What This Partnership Means For Our Customers

With over 200 robots to choose, we will identify the perfect robot in size, speed, weight-capacity, and price-point for your needs. Our partnership with Yaskawa reinforces our ability to provide expert designs, time-cycle modeling, and projected ROI for your project to assist you in the decision making process.

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